Changing Accountant

Changing Accountants?


Does your accountant return your calls?
Does he show an interest in your business?
Does he provide value for money?
If the answer to these questions is no, maybe it’s time you changed accountants.

Why choose us?

  1. The price we quote is the price we charge. There are no hidden extras or nasty surprises.
  2. We return all calls and e-mails within 24 hours.
  3. You will be assigned an account manager who will be responsible for your business. That way, you won’t have to deal with a different person every time you call. You’ll have someone who’s familiar with your business and can answer any questions you may have.
  4. You won’t have to chase us to get stuff done. We’re very proactive and will contact you if there’s anything that requires your attention or if there’s anywhere we feel we can advise.
  5. We have over 30 years of expertise and experience so we know what we’re talking about.
  6. We’re business owners like you so we live in the real world.
  7. We believe in strategic thinking and common sense.
  8. We listen first and talk later. That way, we know where you’re coming from and what you expect of us.
  9. We explain everything in plain English. You won’t hear any accountancy jargon from us.
  10. We’re not your stereotypical accountants. Whilst we’re 100% professional, we’re very approachable and down to earth. You can relax around us.