Companies Act 2014 Conversion


The Companies Act 2014 was introduced on 1st June 2015 and it replaces the Companies Acts 1963-2013. This new act introduced a conversion process which requires all companies to convert into new company types e.g. LTD ( Private company limited by shares), DAC (Designated Activity Company limited by shares), CLG (Company Limited by Guarantee), PLC (Public Limited Company).

The conversion process which involves filing forms and a new constitution with the CRO must be completed before 30th November 2016.

If you chose not to convert before 30th November 2016 the CRO will automatically convert your company to the appropriate company model and issue a new certificate of incorporation however a new constitution will not be issued to replace the existing memorandum and articles of association and so the company will not have this document if it is required.

We are fully conversant with the changes and suggest that all companies convert prior to 30th November 2016.

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